Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis in children.

Some children have irregular diets. They eat a lot when they want to eat, eat very little when they don’t want to eat, and sometimes don’t eat much when they are coaxed by their mothers. Some children don’t drink water for a long time. After a long time, they will have throat problems, which will cause chronic pharyngitis. So are the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis in children?

Children with chronic pharyngitis will have several manifestations:

1. clear your throat. Adenoid hypertrophy and tonsil hypertrophy are common. These conditions will cause children to snore, and breathing with open mouth will cause discomfort in throat, and children will have the habit of clearing their throat.

2. cough. Lymphatic follicular hyperplasia in children’s tonsil hypertrophy and pharynx will stimulate cough reflex in larynx and pharynx, resulting in dry cough symptoms.

3.snore. Snoring is a special symptom of pharyngitis in children. When children suffer from chronic pharyngitis, the hypertrophy of adenoids in the mouth and throat will block the airway, resulting in snoring during sleep.

4. Boring ears, earache and hearing loss. This is also a special symptom of children’s pharyngitis, because inflammation in the nasopharynx stimulates adenoid hypertrophy and blocks the eustachian tube, resulting in otitis media.

5. High fever. Pharyngitis in children is popular in early summer and often occurs in winter and spring. The symptoms of pharyngitis in children are stalactites hanging upside down deep in the throat and blisters on both sides of the tongue. After the blisters are broken, they will become small red spots. Keep a high fever, and then slowly reduce it.

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