Symptoms of thyroid hypertrophy.

Hyperthyroidism can cause many symptoms. If you don’t know these symptoms very well, which leads to the failure to find the disease in time, it will delay the treatment opportunity. Therefore, it is usually necessary to make relevant understanding so as to reduce the harm of the disease. So, the symptoms of thyroid hypertrophy?

There are many symptoms of thyroid hypertrophy, such as facial congestion. Because the jugular vein will be oppressed, the facial blood will be unsmooth. Not only will the face become ugly, but other parts will also have edema and even varicose veins. The patient’s esophagus will also be oppressed, which makes it difficult to eat. If there is malignant lesion, there will be symptoms of dysphagia.

There are many factors for goiter, such as excessive intake of iodine, so it is necessary to control the iodine content; some are congenital factors, and thyroid hormones in the body are relatively deficient; in addition, there are emotional factors, and emotional changes will have an impact on endocrine. Long-term endocrine disorders will affect thyroid function and cause goiter.

If it is a female patient, there will be symptoms of long menstrual cycle, and the condition is serious, even affecting pregnancy. Surgery can be performed for the disease. Although the treatment effect is quick, it may also bring complications, and it is also necessary to take drugs. Patients should try to eat less seafood, including kelp and other seafood, and take more vitamins, and take physical exercise to enhance the body’s resistance.

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