The difference between dermal plaque and chloasma.

Clean skin can add a lot of value. Therefore, spots are a problem for most women. Will choose a variety of methods to try to remove spots. Before removing spots, we should know the types of spots and choose different methods of removing spots. What is the difference between dermal plaque and chloasma?

1. the formation site. The formation site of dermal plaque is the same as the name, and appears in the dermal layer of skin, which is called dermal plaque. And chloasma is a spot on the face.

2. Formation reasons. The cause of chloasma is pigmentation, which is mainly due to the imbalance of hormones and excessive estrogen in women. It usually occurs in pregnancy, menstrual disorder or the side effects of contraceptives. There are many congenital dermal spots, which will be increased by sun exposure or damage from cosmetic residues.

3. Formation site. Chloasma often appears on both cheeks of women’s faces, and is distributed symmetrically. Most of the dermal spots appeared in cheeks, and a few were near temples. Sporadic and flaky distribution.

4. Treatment methods. The appearance of chloasma is related to hormones in the body. Removing chloasma requires conditioning the body. From the inside of the body, the hormone balance chloasma will be gradually reduced. To remove dermal spots, you can choose laser to remove them directly. The deposited pigment is scattered by laser technology, and the scattered pigment is excreted by human body.

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