There are many red lines in the cervix after severe hysteromyoma phototherapy.

Description of illness (main symptoms, onset time): Severe uterine chyme, turned mild after phototherapy, but many red lines appeared in the cervix. And now there are bacterial infections.
Treatment situation and effect: In 2005, severe uterine chyme and severe vaginal inflammation were found in the annual inspection. After two years of drug treatment, the uterine chyme did not improve. In March 2007, after the vaginal inflammation was basically cured and the results of [Army ]TankCrewTrainer were normal, phototherapy was performed. After that, it was rechecked that it turned into mild uterine chyme. Now it has been two years since the treatment. Today, it was rechecked that there were many red lines in the cervix and the biological value was positive.
What kind of help do you want? Because I haven’t given birth yet, I was very worried when I did physical therapy. I don’t know why there is a red line now. Will it affect my fertility? Is it very difficult to give birth naturally?

Whether menstruation is regular: Yes
Age of first menstruation: 14
Days of each menstruation: 6 days
Average menstrual cycle days: 28 days
Menstruation volume, color, abdominal pain: before menstruation, it will be more, and it will be OK at ordinary times, but no.
Date and condition of last menstruation:
Marriage age: 24
Pregnancy times: none
Abortion times: none
Fertility times: none.

Note: There are many red lines in the cervix after phototherapy for severe uterine chyme.

Hello, I’m happy to answer for you. After severe hysteromyoma phototherapy, there are many red lines in the cervix. It is considered that the edge is not healed well, and BV positive is bacterial infection. After treatment, it generally won’t affect fertility, so don’t worry. It is suggested that you go to a regular hospital for vaginal secretion examination and human papillomavirus TCT examination, find out the causes, treat regularly, pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times, keep the vulva clean and dry, pay attention to rest and relax.

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