Under what circumstances can’t hair be transplanted?

In life, many people have very vigorous hair, and it takes a lot of time to take care of it. However, some people have very little hair, and even some places have no hair. Both men and women will try their best to restore their hair. So what can’t be done?

However, hair transplant is not recommended for patients who are weak or even have blood coagulation. In addition, if the scalp is unhealthy, the effect of hair transplantation is not very good, and even the condition will become more and more serious. Before hair transplantation, it is necessary to determine the hair removal area. If the area is infected, hair transplantation is also prohibited.

If the hair loss is not particularly serious, it is not allowed to keep hair straight, because it takes a long time 空 for hair transplantation. When hair loss is caused by scar on scalp, you don’t mind doing hair transplant. You can only do hair transplant after observing hair follicles and making sure that it is possible to grow hair again. If it can grow, you won’t need to do hair transplant.

Some people with serious hair conditions must meet many conditions for hair transplantation. After all, it is an operation, and there may be risks. Therefore, when everyone encounters hair problems, it is best to find a professional institution for examination, and then make sure that the operation can be performed.

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