Vaginal bleeding, after going to the hospital for examination is pregnant.

Menstruation began on July 14th, and vaginal bleeding occurred on August 7th. It was a small amount of dark brown blood, which flowed for two days. Later, on August 17th, there was bleeding again (I used to delay my menstruation by 3 to 4 days every month). At first, I thought it was normal menstruation, but it was a little dark brown blood for two consecutive days, so I went to the hospital for examination on August 19th, and took a blood. The result showed that human chorionic gonadotropin was 107.38 and progesterone (PT) was 6.87. The doctor said that the value was very low, and I suspected that it might be ectopic pregnancy, so I was asked to go again every other day. I was very afraid, so I went to a larger hospital for examination the next day. After taking blood again, the result was HCG132.5. The doctor said that it grew too slowly. The result of vaginal B-ultrasound was
. The image showed that the uterus was in the anterior position, normal and large, with an intima thickness of 0.58 cm, and the uterine wall echo was even
. Both ovaries were normal and large, and the echo was no different
. There was no obvious mass in the pelvic cavity. I’m still worried, so I ask Dr. Liu for some advice. Thank you.
Is menstruation regular: it will be delayed by 3 to 4 days every month
Age of first menstruation: 12 years old
Menstruation days: 4 to 5 days each time
Average menstrual cycle days: 33 to 34 days

Supplementary note: After vaginal bleeding, she was pregnant after going to the hospital for examination.

Hello, according to your description, you still need to pay attention to a good rest at this time, which should be no problem. You can check again, don’t eat spicy and cold food, pay more attention to rest, adjust your mood, don’t drink cold water or drinks, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins and increase trace elements to wish you good health and a happy life

Hello, you are already pregnant in this situation, but when you are pregnant, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin are very low, and the fetus develops very slowly and is in the palace. At present, it is suggested to observe for two days before taking blood for reexamination. If progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin have not increased exponentially, this situation may be biochemical pregnancy. Biochemistry means that although pregnant, the fertilized eggs have stopped developing before they enter the uterus, that is, they have stopped developing without implantation at all.

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