Wash your teeth first or fill your teeth first?

Some people have cavities in their teeth, which need filling, but they haven’t been washed for a long time, and there are also dental stones on them. When people need to wash and fill their teeth while going to dentistry, people don’t know whether to wash or fill their teeth first. Want to know the specific sequence, and avoid making your own mistakes, which will make your teeth more uncomfortable.

Washing teeth and filling teeth can be done on the same day. If you want to do these two techniques at the same time, you can choose to wash your teeth first and then fill your teeth. Cleaning time is relatively fast, and teeth can be cleaned within one hour. If teeth are filled after cleaning, it will also have a good impact on the cleanness of filled teeth. If the teeth are filled and washed in turn, it is very easy for the repaired materials to fall off due to the high impact of tooth washing.

However, whether tooth cleaning and filling can be carried out at the same time also needs to be determined according to the tooth condition and periodontal health degree of the person concerned. If the dental caries of the person is already very obvious, it is suggested to put aside the tooth cleaning and fill the teeth first, and then wait for three days or a week or so before washing the teeth. There is no need to rush to wash the teeth.

Washing teeth is an effective way to clean teeth. It is suggested that people should ensure that they can wash their teeth once a year. If their teeth are sloppy, such as drinking coffee, tea and other colored things frequently, they should ensure the frequency of washing their teeth once every six months.

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