Ways to solve constipation with prescription.

Many people will be troubled by constipation, and even if they spend a long time in the toilet, they can’t discharge feces, which will affect the human body in the long run. There are many treatments for constipation, and diet conditioning is a good choice, which is safe and effective, and the effect is also good. So, how to solve constipation with food?

There are many choices to solve constipation with food, such as sweet potato spinach soup, which mainly includes spinach, sweet potato, pork and other ingredients. After cooking, it can be seasoned with salt. Sweet potato can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. There is also Horseshoe 空 heartvegetable soup, which can also treat constipation. 空 heartvegetable is rich in dietary fiber, which has the function of relaxing bowels and detoxifying.

There are many dietotherapy treatments for constipation. In order to avoid long-term constipation, patients should also develop good living habits, exercise more and drink more water to keep the stool smooth. After getting up in the morning, they can drink a glass of water, which will help the peristalsis of large intestine and supplement some lost water.

If you have a casual feeling at ordinary times, you should go to the toilet in time to solve it. You can’t resist the casual feeling, otherwise it will gradually lead to constipation, and you should develop the habit of defecating regularly every day. You can sit in the toilet for 10 minutes after breakfast to develop a natural habit and relax at the same time. If you are often over-stressed or have constipation pressure, you will aggravate constipation symptoms.

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