What about acne on the chin?

Acne growth is a process experienced by many friends. Acne growth will make the skin feel uncomfortable, and it will also affect the appearance and mood. Therefore, it is very important to know the reasons in time, so as to prevent and care. Let’s take a look at how to get pimples on your chin.

1. Correct nursing: After acne grows, it should be handled correctly, and acne cannot be squeezed by hand, which will easily cause wound infection. In severe cases, many pits will be left behind, so proper nursing is required.

2. Detoxification in time: It’s very important to get acne, so getting up every morning and drinking a cup of warm boiled water or honey water can control the growth of acne and help the body to recuperate.

3. Reasonable diet: When acne occurs, you should mainly eat light food, that is, eat less or not spicy food, including stimulating food such as raw onion, raw garlic and pepper, as well as strong tea and coffee. Pay attention to eating more fruits and fresh vegetables at ordinary times, so as to better regulate acne.

4. Appropriate exercise: In addition to paying attention to regulating diet when acne occurs, you should also set aside at least half an hour of exercise every day, which can better promote the release of toxins in pores and urine. In addition, in normal times, try not to stay up late and have a good sleep, which can better help skin detoxify.

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