What about adult eczema?

Eczema is a kind of skin inflammatory reaction, which is caused by many factors, including internal factors and external factors. Eczema can cause severe itching. Eczema will appear exudation in the acute stage, while it will become hypertrophy and infiltration in the chronic stage. Eczema should be treated symptomatically according to the stage of eczema development, whether there are complications and specific symptoms and signs of patients. Here’s how to treat adult eczema:

First, patients should stay away from allergens and avoid adverse external stimuli as much as possible, such as not scratching the skin or washing with hot water. Try not to wear chemical fiber underwear or fur clothing; Do not eat irritating foods or foods that easily cause allergies, such as pepper, wine, seafood, coffee, etc.

Second, when suffering from acute eczema, patients can use 3% boric acid solution for wet compress, and if the skin has no exudate or less exudate, they can use sugar hormone cream for nursing. In addition, glucocorticoid emulsion can also be used in subacute stage, and when eczema enters chronic stage, it can be changed into glucocorticoid ointment or plaster. Consult a doctor for specific medication.

Third, patients with severe itching can be treated with antihistamines under the guidance of doctors.

Fourth, when secondary infection occurs, patients should be treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs under the guidance of doctors. Appropriate dosage forms and drugs should be selected according to the skin lesions.

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