What about adults with fever?

Fever, this abnormal symptom will not only appear in children, but also in adults. However, in terms of probability, it is relatively rare for adults to have fever. Many adults like to buy some medicine when they have a fever. This treatment is very unscientific. So, what about adults with fever?

Adults must take their temperature when they have a fever, so as to find out the extent of the fever. If it is a mild fever, that is to say, the adult’s body temperature is below 38 degrees, it is generally unnecessary to take medicine. You can drink plenty of water, soak it in an ice bag or towel and apply it on your forehead, and have more rest, which is helpful for reducing fever.

If an adult has a fever, his body temperature is above 38 degrees, which means that the fever is serious and belongs to poisoning fever. At this time, you can consult a doctor before taking related antipyretic drugs. After all, the antipyretic effect of antipyretic drug 5 is obvious. If combined with physical cooling, the effect is better.

If you are taking medicine, you should pay attention to the need to drink plenty of water after taking the medicine, which is helpful for lowering the temperature. It should be noted that when adults have a fever, they will have vomiting, convulsions and even dyspnea, so they can’t handle it by themselves. They should go to the hospital early and find out the cause.

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