What about allergic skin on the face?

Nowadays, many young people can’t live or work without all kinds of electronic products, and many young people sleep late and get up late. If you live irregularly for a long time, your endocrine will be confused. When the body’s resistance and immunity are low, the body will have abnormal reactions. So, what about allergic skin on the face?

1. General treatment: Allergic problems appear on the face. Do not use any skin care products or facial cleanser during this period, so as not to aggravate the skin problems. At this time, you can choose to wash your face with warm water, which can not only clean your skin, but also relieve the pain caused by allergies. In addition, patients who often work in front of computers also need to pay special attention to avoid radiation as much as possible and have less contact with computers and mobile phones.

2. Principle Allergen: Allergen is the main source of facial skin allergy, such as çİş dust, fur and seafood. Specific allergens with allergic phenomena need to be determined according to their own conditions, as long as they are avoided as much as possible.

3. Drug treatment: When facial allergy occurs, you can choose some drugs for treatment. Here, we recommend mild Chinese medicines, which can clear away heat and toxic materials and relieve facial allergy. The main harm to the body will be relatively small. Moreover, Chinese medicine can also well recuperate the body, improve the body immunity and improve the individual’s physique, thus effectively resisting allergens.

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