What about children crying at night?

When babies are born, there is no other way to express themselves, only crying can remind parents. For example, when they are hungry and uncomfortable, children will cry. Some babies will suddenly cry when they sleep at night. So, what should children do when they cry at night?

When children cry at night, they need to find out the reasons to solve the problem fundamentally. Some children cry at night because of calcium deficiency. At this time, parents can take their children to do trace element testing, and then give them calcium agents and calcium tablets, which can solve the problem of crying at night.

Children’s gastrointestinal function is not perfect, so they are prone to intestinal spasm, which will cause pain. If a child has intestinal spasm at night, it will cause crying at night. In this case, parents can massage their children’s abdomen, which helps to relieve the pain. The baby’s intestinal spasm will not harm the health, and after the child grows up, the intestinal spasm will disappear on its own, so parents need not worry too much.

In another case, some children wake up and cry at night because they are afraid and have nightmares. Children are particularly vulnerable to fright, so parents should avoid their children from being frightened at ordinary times. If children cry because of fear, they should be comforted in time.

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