What about children’s round shoulders?

Round shoulders don’t look good, but they also make people look short, and they don’t look good when they wear clothes. Nowadays, more and more children have round shoulders. So, what about children’s round shoulders?

Corresponding practice is needed for improvement. When children have round shoulders, they can choose to press the thoracic vertebrae on the wall for practice. When practicing, stand one step away from the wall, and then raise your arms to support the wall. Lean forward as far as possible, and then keep your chest as close to the wall as possible. Keep this movement practiced for a while, and the round shoulder will be improved.

Besides, it is necessary to carry out prevention work in daily life. Preventing round shoulders requires more exercise at ordinary times, which can improve body posture. Secondly, we should keep the correct sitting and walking posture, which can prevent the shoulder joint from becoming round to the utmost extent.

As time goes by, lack of exercise and poor posture will cause the pectoralis major muscle in front of the chest to lose its elasticity. Pull the shoulder and squeeze it inward. On the contrary, the rhomboid muscles in the back become very long and cannot pull the shoulder blades to contract toward the spine. If you don’t pay attention to the correct sitting position for a long time, once you tighten and relax, your shoulders will become round shoulders, which will naturally nest forward. Standing and sleeping postures will easily form a hunchback. It not only seriously affects the beauty of the body, but also poses a threat to the health of the spine. Parents can supervise and remind their children’s sitting and standing posture, and make them pay attention. With the growth and development, the condition of hunchback with round shoulders will be alleviated to some extent.

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