What about chromosomal abnormalities before pregnancy?

Women or couples who are preparing for pregnancy must go to regular hospitals for systematic examination before pregnancy or pregnancy. This kind of examination is also called pre-pregnancy examination. If everything is normal before pregnancy examination, life can be born normally. If there is any abnormality, active treatment is needed. What about chromosome abnormality before pregnancy?

If a woman finds chromosome abnormality during pre-pregnancy examination during pregnancy preparation, it is suggested that she should not consider pregnancy for the time being, and should recuperate her own body. At the same time, she should do further examination to find out the cause of chromosome abnormality and possible consequences. Because chromosomal abnormalities are serious, it is recommended to treat them in pregnancy first.

Usually, chromosome abnormalities are mainly divided into the following two types, that is, the number of abnormalities or certain changes in chromosome structure. However, not all chromosomal diseases are inherited, but there is a certain genetic probability, so screening or diagnosis should be carried out as far as possible, and pregnancy should be considered when clinically permitted.

Therefore, the examination before pregnancy preparation or pregnancy is particularly important, which can effectively screen out the parents. At the same time, pregnant men and women must maintain a good living condition during this period, quit smoking and drinking, try to eat less or not to eat grilled or barbecued foods and fried foods, and keep a healthy living condition before they can consider giving birth to babies.

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