What about diarrhea in children in autumn?

The temperature difference in autumn is big, which is the time when all kinds of germs multiply and abuse. Cough and diarrhea are most likely to occur. Children’s resistance is still not perfect, and diarrhea will occur if they are not careful. The worse their physical condition is, the more worried their parents are. So, what about children’s diarrhea in autumn?

Children’s diarrhea in autumn, if the degree is serious, should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time. If necessary, they should be hospitalized for observation or infusion treatment, so as to avoid dehydration. Children should not blindly take antidiarrheal drugs, which is dangerous. Do not take antibiotics at will, because there is not much effect. Parents should give children water to prevent dehydration.

As long as there is no severe vomiting, you don’t need to be nervous. If this happens, you need to fast for 4-6 hours, and then you can gradually increase the feeding. You need to reduce the feeding times and reduce the gastrointestinal burden. Children should eat some liquid food, such as noodle soup, porridge, etc., do not eat cold food for the time being, and clean it with warm water after defecation to ensure the hygiene of buttocks.

Diarrhea in autumn is mainly caused by virus infection. There are many ways of transmission. If the feeding equipment is unclean and the food intake is unsanitary, it may lead to virus infection. When the temperature is hot and cold, if you do not pay attention to keeping warm, it is easy to cause cold and diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to add and reduce quilts in time to avoid catching cold.

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