What about eczema and itching on children’s legs?

Children are often troubled by eczema, which will appear on their faces at the early stage of the disease, and then spread to their limbs and even the whole body, often accompanied by severe itching, which makes the children very uncomfortable. If you scratch the skin hard, it will lead to inflammation and infection, as well as exudation of liquid, etc. So, what about eczema and itching on the legs of children?

Children’s legs are itchy with eczema, which can be applied with drugs locally to relieve itching. At the same time, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature rises, eczema will be aggravated, and the itching feeling will become more obvious. Therefore, do not stay in humid and hot places. Parents should keep their children clean and give them a bath, which will make them feel more comfortable. It is best to use bath lotion without alkalinity to avoid irritation to the skin.

Dry as soon as possible after taking a bath, choose a mild moisturizer to keep the skin moist, ventilate the house more and avoid being too wet, and the bedding can be exposed to the sun without being affected with damp. If the child perspires, dry and change clothes, so as not to cause infection.

It’s best to wear breathable cotton clothes to reduce skin irritation. After eczema occurs, look for allergens and avoid contact, so as to get better as soon as possible. When you feel itchy, don’t scratch all the time. Scratching the skin will cause infection, which will keep your condition from getting better. Don’t eat irritating food at ordinary times, and don’t eat fish and shrimp.

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