What about eczema with exudate?

Eczema is a common disease, and its incidence is gradually increasing. Once the disease occurs, abnormal changes will appear on the skin, even affecting the external image. If there is exudate, it means that the disease is serious. Patients should not be careless, so as to avoid getting worse. So, what if there is exudate in eczema?

Eczema exudate should be wiped and disinfected as soon as possible, and eczema cream can be used externally to relieve symptoms. The etiology of eczema is complicated, and some are of low physical quality, which is easy to react to the outside world. If you eat stimulating food or come into contact with bad things, it will cause eczema.

After suffering from eczema, many symptoms will appear on the skin surface, such as erythema and rash, and blisters. It is very itchy at the time of attack, and scabbing will occur in severe cases. During the illness, don’t cover yourself too thick, so as not to be airtight, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Keep the indoor environment ventilated, and keep the temperature and humidity reasonable.

Eczema is a skin disease, which has a certain relationship with fungal infection. Therefore, in daily life, to keep the skin clean, you can use antifungal drugs to treat it, but you should follow the doctor’s advice, exercise restraint in your diet, and do not eat allergic foods, such as seafood, and avoid spicy food.

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