What about fever caused by hydronephrosis?

The incidence of hydronephrosis is getting higher and higher. When patients have such diseases, they are prone to fever, backache and abdominal pain. So what about fever caused by hydronephrosis?

1. Conservative treatment. When a patient has a fever due to hydronephrosis, if the symptoms are mild and the disease progresses slowly, and the renal function is in a stable or balanced state, it is necessary to carry out regular examination in the later period. If the patient is pregnant and causes physiological hydronephrosis, this situation does not require special treatment, because it can relieve obstruction by itself.

2. Surgical treatment. Serious patients can not be effectively improved by conservative treatment or drug treatment, so surgical treatment can be adopted at this time. But if you want to perform surgery, you should also do it according to your own test results and with the advice of your doctor.

3. Adjust diet. If you want to alleviate the fever caused by hydronephrosis, you must increase your intake of carbohydrates and fatty foods in your daily life. However, during this period, don’t eat too much food rich in protein, which is likely to lead to excessive heat, thus aggravating the phenomenon of fever.

There are also some patients with unilateral hydronephrosis, in which case there is no need to limit the amount of drinking water. If it is bilateral, renal dysfunction cannot be ruled out. In this state, daily drinking water should be limited.

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