What about getting angry and squabbling?

In fact, many diets may lead to excessive internal heat. For example, if you often eat barbecue or fried food, you will be particularly prone to excessive internal heat. Moreover, some people may still face work pressure and life pressure, so excessive internal heat may occur frequently. If excessive internal heat is serious, oral ulcer may occur, and even the mouth may rot. So what about getting angry and squabbling?

First, we should adjust our diet in time. If you prefer to eat heavy taste or fried spicy food, you should keep a light diet during the period of getting angry, and try not to eat spicy and stimulating food as much as possible, because it is likely to lead to more serious getting angry, so the erosion situation will not get better.

Second, do a good job of local cleaning. After the erosion of the corners of the mouth appears, we must do a good job of cleaning the face, try to keep it hygienic and dry, especially after eating, we should wipe the surroundings clean in time. If there is peeling when the weather is dry, you can also apply some moisturizers to help care.

Third, drink plenty of water. After getting angry, drinking plenty of water can reduce the fire to a certain extent. Moreover, drinking more water can actually help eliminate toxins in the body.

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