What about hypothyroidism?

Thyroid-stimulating hormone is on the low side, which is mostly caused by some diseases in the body. Moreover, patients will also have related symptoms, which will have a certain impact on their normal life. Therefore, timely treatment is needed. So, what about hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism will affect endocrine, which is mostly found during physical examination. The patient’s estrogen secretion is exuberant, and endometrial hyperplasia is obvious, which will cause irregular menstruation and even amenorrhea in female patients. If male, fatigue or premature ejaculation may occur, and sperm survival rate will also decrease, resulting in embryo failure and serious obstacles to fertilization.

Hypothyroidism can easily affect intelligence development, which is more harmful to children. It can lead to physical dysplasia, short stature or too thin, and it is also easy to induce heart disease.

When thyroid-stimulating hormone is on the low side, patients need to be treated with drugs or surgery in time. If the effect is good, they can return to normal in a short time. If there is swelling of hands and feet, they should avoid eating salty food. The diet should be light. It is best not to eat pickled food, and proper nutrition should be added at ordinary times. If anemia still occurs, they should eat more foods containing iron.

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