What about inflammation and swelling of teeth during pregnancy?

I am most worried about getting sick during pregnancy, because getting sick during pregnancy is very difficult to treat with medicine. Because of the fear that it will affect the development of fetus, what should I do if my teeth are inflamed and swollen during pregnancy? Let’s take a look at it together!

When teeth are inflamed and swollen during pregnancy, do not treat them blindly, but go to the stomatology department of a regular hospital for examination. Doctors will check their teeth to see what causes them. They will wash the gum scale by means of hydrogen peroxide, etc., and wash out all the dirty things such as food residues inside, and then see if they can relieve the symptoms of inflammation and swelling of gums.

If the inflammation is a little serious, in this case, only local drugs can be used to inhibit bacteria and help alleviate the symptoms of gingival inflammation. Local medication usually does not affect fetal development, but can only temporarily relieve the symptoms of swelling and pain in pregnant women’s gums, and then deal with gum problems after giving birth.

If the gum inflammation is very serious, even if the medicine can’t relieve the symptoms of gum swelling and pain, you can consult an obstetrician to see if you can use antibiotics to eliminate the inflammation. It is suggested that pregnant women should do a good job in oral hygiene, brush their teeth in the morning and evening, rinse their mouths after meals, and eat a light diet to avoid inflammation. They can eat more fruits and vegetables and drink warm boiled water at ordinary times, so as to avoid inflammation.

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