What about long urticaria on the face?

Urticaria is a common skin disease. After suffering from urticaria, itching symptoms will appear, and sometimes it will be very serious, which makes people restless. Although urticaria usually appears on the body, it sometimes grows on the face, which will make patients more annoyed. So, what about urticaria on your face?

When urticaria grows on the face, antihistamines are usually used for treatment, which can not only play an anti-inflammatory role, but also have a very good antipruritic effect. If antihistamines are not effective, glucocorticoids should be used. Patients can choose oral administration or injection, or apply glucocorticoids ointment to the affected area.

Because the appearance of urticaria is closely related to diet, it is easy to cause urticaria when people are allergic to certain foods. Therefore, patients should be careful when choosing food. They should avoid allergic foods such as fish, shrimp, seafood, etc., and don’t eat canned or preserved foods, because artificial pigments, preservatives, etc. can easily make people allergic.

After suffering from urticaria, we should pay special attention to the cleanliness of our home. It is best not to keep small animals such as cats and dogs, and avoid inhaling pollen and dust. Urticaria will be affected by the external environment, so we need to pay more attention when changing seasons. In addition, drinking, being heated and feeling excited will aggravate urticaria.

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