What about low-grade malignant ovarian tumor (adult sex)?

Description of illness (main symptoms, onset time)
Treatment and effect: Ovarian cyst surgery was performed just last week, and after laboratory test, it was a low-grade malignant tumor of ovary (adult)
What kind of help do you want? The doctor suggested that the ovaries and fallopian tubes be removed. Is there any other way? Must it be removed?

Supplementary note: What about low-grade malignant ovarian tumor (adult)?

The tumor cells of early malignant ovarian tumor are confined to the ovary, which belongs to my stage, but it is relatively rare. Once the tumor cells are transferred to the pelvic organs, they belong to the second stage. Of course, the second stage tumors are more common than the first stage tumors, i.e., the first stage tumors and the information industries association stage tumors, which are customarily called early stage tumors. If the cancer cells of ovarian malignant tumor metastasize to abdominal organs, such as omentum, appendix, abdominal wall, especially subphrenic organs, or have retroperitoneal lymph node metastasis, they all belong to Roman numeral stage 3. Metastases beyond the scope of abdominal cavity belong to distant metastasis, that is, venous phase, such as metastasis to liver and lung. Distant metastasis is of little therapeutic value. Clinically, it is customary to call the tumors above the international investment bank as advanced tumors, mainly referring to the tumors above the international investment bank and the tumors at Roman numeral stage 3 and stage 4, which are relatively rare in clinic and of little therapeutic value. I wish you good health

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