What about one big and one small chest during pregnancy?

There will be many phenomena in pregnant women. With the change and adjustment of hormones, the breasts will grow bigger again. Pregnant women will feel that the breasts are heavier and fuller than before. This is also a preparation for adequate milk, which is a normal physical change. Pregnant women need not worry too much. However, what should I do if the breasts are one big and one small during pregnancy?

If there are no other discomfort symptoms during pregnancy, it is normal. The breasts are not necessarily the same size, but are also slightly different. It is only during pregnancy that the breast develops and changes again, which leads to this obvious difference. Pregnant women need not be too nervous. Some adjustments can be made during sleeping, such as changing sleeping position and doing some gentle massage, which can improve this symptom.

If there is breast disease before, it is possible that the breast size is obvious, so it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time to confirm whether it is a pathological cause. If so, it should be treated as soon as possible, so as to avoid that women cannot breastfeed after the fetus is born, and pregnant women should pay attention to breast changes.

If the change of breast is normal, you need not be too nervous, just need proper massage adjustment to promote the development of the other breast. At the same time, you should choose suitable underwear and adjust it from many aspects to improve this problem. For breasts that are obviously smaller than normal development, surgery can be used.

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