What about sagging breasts?

Many women found that with the increase of age, the reasons of childbirth caused the sagging of breasts, which greatly affected the beauty of women, and put women under greater pressure, constantly looking for ways to make breasts stand. They are eager to know what to do with sagging breasts.

1. Women wear underwear that is too loose and has no support for a long time, which will lead to serious sagging of breasts. Therefore, when choosing underwear, women should choose underwear with shoulder width, which can lift sagging breasts upwards and fix the position of breasts well.

2. After sagging breasts, it can help breast massage. Before massage, you can use essential oil, spread it and push it away slowly, then massage. When massaging, push the breasts on both sides like the middle, so as to prevent the chest from expanding outward. Massage your hands around your breasts until all the essential oils in your breasts are absorbed. This method needs long-term persistence to be effective.

3. Health exercises can also improve sagging breasts. Women can sit in chairs with their left arms behind their heads and their right arms on their backs. The left and right hands are straight to their backs. After 3 to 5 seconds, they can exchange hands and do it again. This practice can be repeated about 5 to 10 times. In addition, it should be noted that when women are sitting in daily life, their chests should not be close to the table, so as to avoid pressing on the chests and prevent sagging or deformation.

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