What about scabies in children?

Children’s skin is very delicate, so they are easily hurt. If parents don’t take good care of them, children may suffer from some skin diseases. Many children have suffered from scabies. It is very harmful to skin, so it is necessary to take treatment measures as soon as possible. So, what about scabies in children?

If children have scabies, they can take a bath with sulfur soap. Scabies is a skin disease caused by scabies mite, which is a kind of mite. It can make holes in the skin, which is very harmful to the skin and may leave scars. Sarcosis can also cause scabies, and if you take a bath with sulfur soap, you can kill scabies, which is the most fundamental way to solve scabies.

If scabies is serious, besides using sulfur soap, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. Doctors will prescribe some drugs for external use, such as drugs to kill scabies and drugs to promote skin repair, and everyone should use them according to the doctor’s requirements. In addition, bedding, bed sheets, etc. should be disinfected at the same time of treatment.

When children suffer from scabies, parents should pay more attention to giving their children bask in the quilt, which can eliminate mites. Scabies is a skin disease, so it needs to be avoided after illness. At this time, parents need to let their children eat light food, instead of spicy food such as pepper, ginger and garlic.

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