What about skin eczema?

When the temperature changes, many people are easily affected by the outside world, and eczema easily grows on the skin. At this time, the skin will become red and swollen, and it is easy to itch, which makes people feel very uncomfortable and affects their normal work and life. What about eczema?

1. After this happens, the patient should first go to the hospital to make a comprehensive investigation on whether he has allergies. At the same time, he can ask the doctor to prescribe the ointment to be applied. After cleaning the affected part with warm water, he can apply the medicine in time. During the treatment, the patient should avoid contact with chemical dyes and cosmetics, especially women who love beauty. At this time, he should avoid make-up, lipstick and perfume.

2. When eczema appears, it can also be improved in time by traditional Chinese medicine. For example, buy honeysuckle, add clear water, boil it into soup, remove the dregs inside, clean the diseased part in time, and insist on it twice a day. After a few days, the symptoms will all be relieved. At this time, the temperature in the bedroom should be kept within the normal range, and it should not be too stuffy. At the same time, sprinkle water on the ground or use a humidifier, so that/[/k0.

3. Patients should choose pure cotton underwear, change and clean it regularly, and at the same time, the bedding should be cleaned on time. Hand washing and drying in the sun for a long time can avoid bacteria and mites on it, and the diet should be very light. Do not eat greasy food, let alone seafood, because some seafood is prone to allergy.

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