What about sore throat?

In real life, some people suffer from sore throat due to eating supper, drinking and staying up late to play games. It is true that sore throat is still very uncomfortable, and I want to relieve this abnormality, but many people are helpless and don’t know what to do. So, what about sore throat?

Because it is throat discomfort caused by excessive internal heat, we must drink plenty of water and pay attention to reducing the frequency of throat use. Therefore, rest is very important, and the throat needs to be rested. Of course, we should also pay attention to the diet at this time. It is better to choose light food that is well digested.

It is essential to supplement the moisture in the throat. At this time, you can choose some throat-moistening tablets. After all, throat-moistening tablets have a certain throat-moistening effect, which is helpful for relieving throat pain and relieving symptoms of excessive internal heat. If there is inflammation in the throat, it is necessary to seek medical attention and take some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Chrysanthemum tea or honeysuckle also has the function of removing fire, and you can drink a little when your throat is irritated and you feel pain. Try to ensure the usual sleep. If the sleep quality is not good, it is easy to get angry and avoid staying up late. If you really need to stay up late, you can make some preparations properly, such as drinking chrysanthemum tea, which can prevent getting angry.

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