What about stomach discomfort caused by a cold?

When people catch a cold, the most common situation is that they keep crying, sneeze all the time, and may also have a headache. However, some people will have nausea, vomiting and indigestion after eating. In fact, this is because the cold increases the pressure on the digestive system, resulting in discomfort in the stomach. This situation often brings great physical and psychological pressure to cold patients, and affects their work and life. So, what about stomach discomfort caused by a cold?

If a cold causes stomach discomfort, you must change your diet properly. Patients should not eat too greasy food when they catch a cold. They should try to eat light food, eat some digestible fruits, such as bananas, and drink some digestible porridge, such as millet porridge and rice congee. In addition, drink plenty of hot water when you catch a cold, which will make your stomach feel warm. Never drink cold drinks or eat frozen food.

Take medicine as soon as possible to improve the stomach discomfort caused by cold. If you have a bad stomach when you catch a cold, you should take some probiotics to promote digestion properly, and you can also take some over-the-counter drugs at home, and try antiviral oral liquid. You can also go to the hospital to see a doctor for intravenous drip to relieve related symptoms.

Take medicine in time when you have a cold, do not eat without restraint, do not eat anything too greasy, drink as much boiling water as possible, and rest in bed properly, so that you can end the cold early and not bring any burden to your stomach.

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