What about the pain of pregnant women’s coccyx?

Tail vertebra pain in pregnant women is more common in life, which is mainly caused by the change of hormone level in the body after pregnancy, which makes the bone ligament loose and the bone gap widened, or it may be caused by the compression of the tail vertebra nerve caused by fetal enlargement. Let’s take a look at how pregnant women’s tail vertebrae hurt.

First, the pain in the tail vertebrae of pregnant women can be properly exercised. For example, you can get up and take a walk and go out for a walk, which can promote the blood circulation of the body and help the local inflammation to subside;

Second, usually try to avoid the stimulation of the coccyx, for example, try to avoid sitting in a half seat or sitting for a long time. If you are lying in bed, try to take a side-lying approach;

Third, if the pain is severe, hot compress can be applied locally. For example, hot water bottle can be applied to the coccyx, which can play a certain role in improving. If necessary, some ointment can be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

During the whole pregnancy, pregnant women need more rest, not overwork, eat more foods rich in calcium and vitamins, and pay attention to supplement trace elements, which will help to improve the pain of coccyx. During pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital for antenatal examination on time, so as to know the growth and development of fetus, and if there is any abnormal condition, it is convenient to take timely solutions.

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