What about tooth pain during pregnancy?

Toothache is a common oral symptom. If toothache is serious, it will have a great impact on life and work. When a woman is pregnant, if she has dental pain symptoms, she can’t take painkillers at will, so as not to endanger the fetus. So, what about dental pain during pregnancy?

If teeth pain occurs during pregnancy, the cause of toothache should be found, and then targeted solutions can be achieved. If pregnant women suffer from dental diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis, it is not suitable for treatment in early and late pregnancy. In the second trimester, the fetus is very stable, so you can choose this time for treatment.

Pregnant women should pay more attention to diet when they have toothache. Try not to eat food with heavy taste, and choose something soft. Everyone should do a good job in dental care, not only brush their teeth every day, but also rinse their mouths with warm water after eating.

Because you can’t take painkillers at will during pregnancy, when you are in pregnant women have a toothache, you can use physical methods to relieve pain, such as cold compress. Everyone wraps the ice cubes with towels and puts them on the painful places, which can effectively relieve the pain. In addition, pregnant women can gargle with salt water, which has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects and can also improve the symptoms of tooth pain.

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