What about women getting angry?

In fact, it is easy to get angry in summer. On the one hand, many people like to eat angry food, especially in the evening, they may eat midnight snack barbecue and so on. On the other hand, in summer, you may often drink milk tea and then eat ice cream, which may also lead to excessive internal heat, and excessive internal heat will cause acne, so what should women do if they are excessive internal heat?

First, you can eat some gunpowder. If the fire is very serious and you want to reduce the fire quickly, it is a good choice to eat gunpowder. For example, some antidote tablets can help clear away heat and toxic materials. Therefore, if you want to achieve the goal of fast fire, it is better to eat gunpowder, but you should use it rationally, and consult a doctor before using it if necessary.

Second, adjust the diet. When getting angry, you should try to avoid eating some foods that cause getting angry. You can choose to eat some bitter gourd or mung bean porridge, which can not only lower the fire, but also be relatively light and delicious.

Third, drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water after getting angry can help reduce the fire, and drinking water and going to the toilet can also help remove the garbage and toxins in the body. Moreover, the human body needs to replenish water every day, but only needs to supplement more when getting angry.

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