What are the benefits of taking birth control pills after abortion?

Many women always prescribe various drugs to help recover their bodies after abortion, but the harm of abortion to the body is relatively large, so some women will choose to take some contraceptives according to the doctor’s advice after abortion, so what are the benefits of taking contraceptives after abortion?

After abortion, taking proper amount of contraceptive pills can stop bleeding, and can also help patients’ endometrium to repair to a certain extent. However, it must be taken according to the doctor’s advice, and short-acting contraceptives are usually taken orally. However, the specific usage and dosage must be judged according to their own situation and combined with the doctor’s advice.

And taking contraceptives after abortion will not do harm to the body, and it has certain benefits, so patients after abortion can take appropriate amount of drugs according to the doctor’s advice, but remember not to increase or decrease the drugs in private, so as to avoid other hazards to the body. Meanwhile, it is recommended to visit again in time.

At the same time, taking this drug after abortion can also help regulate menstruation, and when the patient’s endometrium is well recovered, it can also help contraception by sharing the same room, but don’t take it for a long time. When the body is well recovered, it is suggested that the drug can be stopped in time according to its own situation. At the same time, we should also sit down and avoid catching cold.

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