What are the causes of dizziness?

The feeling of dizziness varies from person to person. If the symptoms are mild and do not occur frequently, it is generally not too harmful. If the symptoms are obvious, it will be accompanied by dizziness, which will arouse vigilance. Only by prescribing the right medicine can we solve this problem and avoid affecting our life and work. So, what are the reasons that can cause dizziness?

There are many reasons that can cause dizziness, for example, cervical vertebra problems, cervical vertebra diseases, or incorrect posture problems for a long time, which can easily cause cervical vertebra to oppress nerves, thus causing insufficient blood supply to the brain. If you always keep your head down, it will also cause poor blood flow in the neck, resulting in dizzy feeling. It is recommended not to be busy for a long time, and avoid indulging in mobile phones, and keep a scientific sitting posture.

Women are prone to anemia and lack of blood in the body, so they can’t guarantee the blood supply to the brain. When they suddenly get up, or after strenuous activities, they are prone to dizziness, and in severe cases, they may be unconscious. Some people’s blood pressure is unstable and prone to fluctuation. Whether the blood pressure is too high or too low, it may cause dizziness.

Heart diseases can also cause dizziness, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blockage, accompanied by dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. If you deliberately control your food intake and only eat green vegetables and fruits in order to lose weight, it will lead to imbalance of nutrition in your body and the lack of guarantee of heat, which will also cause dizziness. Although there will not be much damage in a short time, it may cause serious problems in the long run.

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