What are the causes of left hydronephrosis?

People’s kidneys are distributed on the left and right sides of the body, and both the left kidney and the right kidney can discharge urine outward. However, some people have hydronephrosis due to congenital kidney dysplasia. There are also some people who suffer from irregular life and rest, which leads to kidney calculi and hydronephrosis. The causes of left hydronephrosis are different from those of right hydronephrosis, so what are the causes of left hydronephrosis?

Many men have left hydronephrosis because of stones in the prostate and ureter. This happens in men, which is usually caused by bad living habits, staying up late, drinking, smoking and eating without restraint. In order to improve the corresponding situation, men should improve their living habits, eat more foods that have the function of tonifying kidney and stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

There are also some men who have left hydronephrosis because the urine in the bladder flows back. Most of them are caused by the dysplasia of their own organs. In this case, patients should communicate with doctors in time, and according to their physical condition, they should be treated by surgery or conservative traditional Chinese medicine.

Many women have left hydronephrosis because their kidneys are oppressed by the uterus. This situation is usually encountered by pregnant women. They will not only have left hydronephrosis, but also have constipation. When women have left hydronephrosis, they should go to the hospital for B-ultrasound to identify the cause. Meanwhile, they should pay attention to rest and not be too tired.

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