What are the cosmetic ingredients that pregnant women can’t touch?

Pregnant women know something about it and try not to wear makeup during pregnancy. However, under some special circumstances, it is necessary to put on makeup, especially for pregnant women in the workplace. However, when choosing cosmetics, we should try our best to be cautious and choose some products with little irritation. Some cosmetics are forbidden, so pregnant women should not touch them to avoid adverse effects. So, what are the cosmetic ingredients that pregnant women cannot touch?

There are many cosmetic ingredients that pregnant women can’t touch, such as retinol, preservatives and salicylic acid, all of which have certain teratogenic risks. It is suggested that pregnant women use less cosmetics, adjust their daily diet and help improve their skin condition, and don’t stay up late during pregnancy, so as not to damage the skin, but also affect the development and rest of the fetus.

Cosmetics are applied to the skin, but the skin has metabolic function. After long-term use of cosmetics, some substances are absorbed by the skin, which penetrates into the body and affects the fetus through blood circulation. If you must make up, you should choose natural and non-irritating products to reduce some hazards.

Pregnant women should not try new cosmetics, because their pregnancy is special and their physique is sensitive. It is best to use them frequently to avoid adverse reactions and affect their health. Skin care should focus on cleaning, and after washing their faces, they can be properly moistened, so that their skin will not be too dry.

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