What are the disadvantages of applying normal saline to your face?

Only good skin can make women have a good image and temperament, but there are many ways to care for facial skin. For example, some people like to apply normal saline to their faces. While cleaning the skin, they can also effectively remove facial grease, thus preventing acne. So what are the disadvantages of applying normal saline to your face? Let’s take a look at it!

1. The pores are enlarged

When you apply normal saline to your face, your facial skin will become very tender due to the effect of salt. Once you drink enough salt, your pores will open up and become thicker.

2. Long acne

Some people think that supplementing water with normal saline will stop the growth of acne, which is wrong. Normal saline will only inhibit the growth of acne in a short time, and long-term facial application will make acne more and more serious.

3. Improper use damages the skin .

The concentration of saline must be appropriate, so as to avoid excessive concentration, which may cause skin irritation and allergy. Washing your face with proper concentration of salt water can moisturize your skin. In the process of cleaning, care should be taken not to apply salt water around the eyes, so as not to damage the conjunctiva. Washing your face with salt water can’t be used continuously for a long time, because it will irritate the skin, and the skin will become thinner after washing too much. Salt must be diluted before beauty treatment.

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