What are the foods for eczema removal?

Eczema is a very high incidence skin disease, which can cause severe itching symptoms. Eczema can be divided into several types, such as acute, subacute and chronic. When suffering from eczema, patients should not only be treated in time, but also pay attention to adjusting their diet. So, what foods can get rid of eczema?

Bitter gourd is the food for eczema, which can remove dampness, relieve itching and clear away heat and toxic materials. Therefore, when suffering from eczema, you can often eat some bitter gourd. Everyone is familiar with tomatoes, which contain a lot of vitamins, and the contents of malic acid, lycopene and citric acid are also relatively high. Eating tomatoes can clear away heat and strengthen the stomach, and has the effect of removing eczema.

If you want to get rid of eczema, you can also eat Tremella Sydney soup. Everyone needs to prepare tremella and Sydney, cook them together, and add some rock sugar to taste. Drinking Tremella Sydney soup can moisten lung and clear dryness, and can effectively relieve the symptoms of damp-heat eczema.

The effect of removing dampness from coix seed is excellent, and when suffering from eczema, we can make some coix seed and red bean soup to drink, which has the effects of clearing heat, promoting diuresis and removing dampness. Everyone needs to prepare a little coix seed rice and red bean, boil them in water, then add a proper amount of sugar, drink them twice a day, and take them for about a week, and you can see the effect.

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