What are the forbidden foods during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a tiring and great job for women. Out of concern, family members generally take care of pregnant mothers in all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, which virtually becomes very strict, especially in diet. Pay special attention to the “taboos” of pregnant mothers. So, what are the forbidden foods during pregnancy?

1. During pregnancy, besides adhering to various rich diets every day, there are indeed some dietary taboos. Avoid eating cold food and fresh food. Do not eat raw milk (usually soft cheese), mayonnaise, undercooked eggs or bean sprouts that are not fully cooked. Try to avoid eating cold food during pregnancy, and all foods you eat must be heated to be completely cooked.

2. Alcohol has a very bad influence on fetus, which will affect the development of fetus brain and nerve. There is no safe alcohol intake, so any form of alcohol should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Pregnant mothers should not smoke during pregnancy, and try not to come into contact with cigarette environment. If a pregnant mother smokes or is often exposed to secondhand smoke, it may increase the chances of allergy and asthma after birth.

4. Do not use any plants or herbs used as medicines. As many botanicals and herbs have not been thoroughly studied, and their safety to pregnant women and fetuses cannot be guaranteed, try not to take any botanicals and herbs used as medicines.

5. Limit the food intake of large carnivorous marine fish. During pregnancy, try to limit the food intake of large carnivorous marine fish (such as sharks, marlins, swordfish and square-headed fish). Eating may have higher mercury risk, so it is best to avoid eating.

6. Reduce caffeine intake (less than 200mg per day).

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