What are the reasons for postpartum dark yellow skin?

During pregnancy, many women grow spots on their skin. After giving birth, some of these spots will fade away, while others will appear on their faces. There are also many women whose skin does not change much during pregnancy, but after delivery, the skin becomes dark yellow and dull. What are the reasons for postpartum dark yellow skin?

Postpartum dark yellow skin is mainly due to endocrine disorders during pregnancy, resulting in pigmentation, and the skin is so white again. Moreover, after giving birth to a child, metabolism is slow and toxins in the body are excreted slowly, which will easily lead to dark yellow skin. In another case, you have to take care of your children because you are weak after childbirth, especially when you often get up at night to feed your children with milk, which will lead to lack of sleep and dark yellow skin.

Postpartum women should not often eat foods with heavy pigments, such as strong tea, coffee, animal liver and so on. These foods are rich in vitamins, which can activate tyrosinase activity and easily lead to dark yellow skin. Eat more foods containing vitamin C after delivery, which can whiten and moisturize skin.

Postpartum women pay more attention to sleep. High-quality sleep can maintain skin, and try to keep enough sleep every day. Some people don’t rest well at night, and they also take time to catch up during the day. Excessive use of cosmetics after delivery is not recommended.

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