What are the symptoms of a cold?

It is important for people to have a healthy body, because no matter what they do, the premise is that they should be healthy. However, some people in life have poor physique, or do not pay attention to nursing at ordinary times, and their bodies will suffer from diseases, such as catching a cold easily. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of a cold.

Common symptoms of colds include fever, headache, sneezing, runny nose, muscle soreness, etc. Some people will have symptoms of low back pain and sore joints, and the body will be afraid of cold during the period of rising body temperature. If the body temperature rises rapidly, there will usually be chills, and some people will have symptoms of swelling and pain in the throat, and may also have tonsil enlargement.

Cold is not uncommon in our daily life. Bacterial colds and viral colds are common. No matter what causes the cold, it will have a certain impact on health, and it will also affect daily life and work, so active treatment is needed.

If the illness is mild, you can drink plenty of warm boiled water, eat more fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins, and take more rest at ordinary times. If the illness is serious, you need to take medication, but you must use the medicine correctly under the guidance of a doctor, and you cannot use the medicine without authorization. If the body temperature is high, you need to use antipyretic drugs.

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