What are the symptoms of chronic hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is divided into acute and chronic. If you are suffering from acute hepatitis B, it can be cured, but there is no cure for chronic hepatitis B, so you can only take medicine to control the development of the disease. If the disease is not well controlled, it is likely to develop into cirrhosis. So, what are the symptoms of chronic hepatitis B?

When suffering from chronic hepatitis B, there will be symptoms of poor appetite. When the liver is abnormal, it will affect the diet. Patients especially don’t like to eat greasy food, and they often feel abdominal distension accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and their weight will basically drop greatly.

Chronic hepatitis B can also lead to fatigue and weakness, and it is impossible to do manual labor. If you do some activities at ordinary times, you will feel tired all over. In addition, because chronic hepatitis B will affect the diet, patients will suffer from persistent malnutrition, and they are often fidgety at ordinary times, and always have symptoms of insomnia and dreaminess.

After suffering from chronic hepatitis B, there will be pain in the upper abdomen, which will cause pain in the liver area due to inflammation. And the pain is radioactive, especially at night, the pain will be serious. Basically, all patients with chronic hepatitis B will have jaundice symptoms. Because the bilirubin in the patient’s blood rises, there will be symptoms of yellow skin and eyelids, and the urine will be yellow.

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