What are the symptoms of tuberculosis rheumatism?

Good living habits are very important, so as to stay away from diseases. However, many people are under great pressure, and because they are busy at work, they have developed bad habits, such as staying up late and eating unhealthy food. It is easy for various diseases to invade and endanger people’s health. So, what are the symptoms of tuberculosis rheumatism?

Tuberculosis rheumatism will show many symptoms, and the course of disease varies, mainly including joint symptoms, which are often related to weather changes. If it is an acute stage, it may cause redness and heat pain of joints, and the patient’s activities are greatly restricted, even with the phenomenon of fluid accumulation. Chronic symptoms are joint pain, in addition to fever, which is very inconvenient for normal work and life. This disease is usually caused by tuberculosis.

Some patients will have skin damage, such as erythema, so patients should pay more attention to their health. If there is abnormality, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time. For the treatment of tuberculous rheumatism, anti-tuberculosis or physical therapy, including massage and infrared irradiation, can promote the circulation of qi and blood, thus reducing pain.

In the process of treatment, patients should pay attention to daily maintenance, learn to combine work and rest, don’t be too tired, adjust their mood, keep a good mood, avoid mental stimulation, and strengthen nutrition, so that they can do some sports activities properly.

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