What are the wrinkles under the eyes called?

Eyes are a person’s soul, and if they are good-looking, the whole person will have great aura. However, some people find that there are many wrinkles near their eyes, which shows that the whole person is very listless and wants to get rid of the wrinkles very much, but they don’t know what these wrinkles are. So what’s the name of the wrinkles under the eyes?

The wrinkles in the lower part of the eyes are called pouch lines. The pouch lines appear because the pouch lines appear and grow, and squeeze into the skin near the eyes. As time goes on, the pouch lines will become more and more obvious. The appearance of eye wrinkles is also related to other factors. Excessive use of eyes and frequent staying up late will lead to pouch lines.

If you want to remove the pouch lines, there are ways. First of all, the method of cold compress can be adopted. If the patient finds that his eyes are always swollen, he can soak the frozen cotton pad into the milk for a period of time, which can reduce swelling.

Secondly, you can also use hot compress. If the patient finds that his pouch lines are particularly obvious, but there is no swelling feeling, the patient can apply a hot towel to his eyes, so that the blood in the eyes can be circulated. It is best to cooperate with massage, and the effect will be quick. Finally, the eye parts must be well maintained, and more eye mask can be applied at ordinary times, so as to replenish water to the eyes, and the skin around the eyes will become more moist.

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