What can I do during pregnancy to prevent my child’s cleft lip?

Cleft lip and palate is a congenital deformity, although the incidence is low, but once it happens, it will have a great impact on children, which will not only cause difficulty in eating, but also lead to upper respiratory tract infection, and will also lead to inaccurate pronunciation, which will affect language expression and make children feel inferior, which also makes parents worry, so it is necessary to take reasonable precautions during pregnancy. So, what can be done to prevent children’s cleft lips during pregnancy?

Want to prevent children’s harelip during pregnancy, can be carried out through a variety of ways, all aspects of the fetus are developing stage, if you use drugs casually, whether it is health care or treatment drugs, if you do not follow the doctor’s advice to eat, it may cause deformity problems, so pregnant women had better not take drugs indiscriminately.

Even if morning sickness occurs, it will affect the intake of nutrition, but pregnant women should check and eat. If they can’t eat it all the time, it will cause vitamin deficiency, and the probability of rabbit lips will be higher. Alcohol and tobacco do great harm to human body. During pregnancy, we should pay attention not to smoke or drink, otherwise it may affect the development of lips.

Try not to use cosmetics during pregnancy, which contains a certain amount of chemical components, which will inevitably affect the fetus. If used for a long time, it will increase the possibility of cleft palate, so pregnant women should pay attention to it. Radiation has a great influence on fetus, among which deformity is very common. Radiation protection clothing can be worn during pregnancy, and medical devices with radiation should be avoided as much as possible.

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