What can I eat during menstruation to lose weight?

Weight is something that many women care about very much. After all, weight is directly proportional to the quality of their body. Therefore, many people will choose to lose weight to control their body, and do not want weight to become a pain. Menstruation is actually a good time to lose weight, so what can you eat during menstruation to lose weight?

First, bananas and kiwis

Bananas are low in fat and rich in potassium, which can satisfy the stomach and reduce the accumulation of fat, so you can eat more bananas during menstruation. The advantages of kiwifruit are not only the high content of vitamin C, but also the high content of fiber. At the same time, kiwifruit has the function of decomposing fat, so it is an ideal food to lose weight.

Second, papaya and apple

Papaya contains enzymes that decompose proteins, which can clear the fat accumulated in the lower body due to meat. Pectin has the function of washing intestines and can reduce the accumulation of waste. Malic acid can accelerate metabolism, and potassium rich in apples can reduce the accumulation of fat and water.

Third, oranges and durians

Orange is high in cellulose and low in calories, which can help defecation and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, eating apples during menstruation can expel a large amount of toxins from the body. Durian’s fat content is very low, which can replace dinner and breakfast, so the effect of losing weight is also very good. Durian is a hot food, which can relieve dysmenorrhea, promote blood circulation and dispel cold. Therefore, it is very suitable for menstruating women to eat durian to lose weight.

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