What can’t gastroenteritis eat?

Gastroenteritis is a common disease in gastrointestinal tract, and its frequent groups are mainly children and older people. For many young adults, gastroenteritis has little effect, that is to say, it will not cause any serious consequences, but it still needs to be well adjusted. So, what can’t gastroenteritis eat?

The food that gastroenteritis can’t eat is mainly indigestible food, such as broccoli and beans, besides, there are ice cream, creamy mashed potatoes, chocolate and many sweets. That is to say, some cold foods are not suitable for gastroenteritis patients, and peppers are spicy and stimulating foods, so eat less.

In terms of fruit consumption, gastroenteritis patients can eat it, but it should be noted that if it is just taken out of the refrigerator, because the temperature is relatively low, this kind of fruit cannot be eaten by gastroenteritis patients immediately. It’s best to soak it in warm water, so it won’t be very cold and will not aggravate gastroenteritis.

Patients with gastroenteritis must pay attention to personal hygiene and wash their hands frequently. In addition, we must pay attention to the hygiene of tableware. Families with conditions can purchase disinfection cabinets and disinfect tableware regularly. Also, when cooking, it is necessary to pay attention to that vegetables and meat should not be treated on the same chopping block, but should be treated separately, and raw food and cooked food should also be placed separately.

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