What can’t skin allergy eat?

Skin allergy is a headache for everyone, because the allergic part of the skin will become extremely fragile and can’t stand any stimulation from outside, so everyone must double care. So, what can’t you eat for skin allergy? Let’s get to know it together!

1. Those who are allergic to seafood should choose this kind of food less. The stale fish will release more tissue ammonia, which will not only easily cause allergy, but also have safety concerns about food poisoning. Therefore, special attention should be paid when choosing fresh fish.

2. Allergic to processed food, because sulfur dioxide sulfite is added into it, which can cause allergic symptoms. Therefore, we should find out the food that causes allergy and stop eating it.

3. Those who are allergic to high protein foods such as milk, eggs and beans should identify the foods that cause allergies, reduce the intake of processed products and choose alternative methods in diet, because these foods are the main sources of protein. If you do not eat eggs, milk and beans, it is easy to have unbalanced nutrition.

4. Eating some vegetables may promote skin sensitivity to light. When exposed to the sun, erythema and papules will appear on the exposed skin. For photosensitive patients, avoid eating vegetables with deep color, such as shepherd’s purse, rape, spinach, lettuce and wild vegetables, which are easy to cause allergies.

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