What can’t thyroid patients eat?

There are many symptoms in patients with thyroid. After illness, they usually have sore throat. Eating will have some bad effects, and there will also be symptoms of swollen neck. After illness, we should not only treat in time, but also pay attention to the adjustment of diet. However, some patients do not understand this. So, what can thyroid patients not eat?

Patients can’t eat pickled products. Eating pickled products for a long time is not conducive to the recovery of diseases, which contains certain harmful substances. It is best to take a light diet and eat more fruits or vegetables. Spicy food has a strong sense of stimulation, which will affect the health, especially for patients with thyroid nodules, such as pepper and onion, so it is best not to eat it.

If it is thyroid nodule, you can’t eat anything with high iodine content, otherwise it will induce hyperthyroidism, which will have many adverse effects on the disease. Try to keep good eating habits, which will be very helpful to the disease. When choosing edible salt, you should use iodine-free, don’t eat iodine-containing salt, and avoid eating too salty things.

Seafood should also be carefully eaten, such as kelp and laver, and seafood, which contains a lot of iodine. If you eat too much, it will aggravate the symptoms. Patients who usually like alcohol and tobacco should quit this habit, so as to be beneficial to treatment and recovery, and coffee and strong tea can not be drunk.

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